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Increase Training Effectiveness by Using Interactive Keypads

In tough economic times, companies are constantly looking for ways to trim costs, and employee training budgets are often a casualty of that cost..

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OTI:  A Look Back on Innovation

As this year draws to a close, it is time to take a look back and review the success Option Technologies International has had as a leader in..

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OTI Announces OptionFinder® Micro 4 Wireless Audience Response System

Option Technologies International has announced the release of a new wireless keypad platform, the OptionFinder® Micro 4. The platform, which..

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A Love For Wildlife Expressed Through OptionFinder Wireless Keypads

In order to broaden the support base for wildlife conservation and to set the direction for how wildlife is managed, many Idahoans gave up time on..

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New OptionPower® Keypad Messaging Functions

OTI has recently implemented new keypad text messaging functions in OptionPower® software (Version 4.0). When using OptionFinder G3 keypads for..

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Moving OptionFinder Wireless Keypads From Session To Session

Attending a conference can be time and energy consuming; carrying your folio and briefcase, listening to guest speakers, taking notes, and..

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OTI Announces New OptionFinder Micro 3 Hardware Platform

Today OTI announced the release of OptionFinder® Micro 3 keypad platform. This is a new wireless radio frequency keypad hardware system that offers..

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Refresh Your Wireless Keypad Power Source

Clients often ask us "what about changing the batteries?" Here is a quick how-to guide in battery replacement for the OptionFinder G3,..

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Changing the Face of Market Research with Wireless Keypads

Professionals who perform market research often face a difficult task when trying to get accurate feedback from the target audience. It..

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