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5 Ways to Utilize Electronic Polling in Your Presentation

             As far as presentation tools go, polling is the best resource for speakers to connect to their audience. Not only do you want to..

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How to Get Feedback from Your Audience

As a presenter your main concern is teaching, training, and coaching. Yet, the majority of speakers get so caught up in trying to impart their wisdom..

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Effective Presentations; Do's and Don'ts

Whether you’re training employees, presenting critical research, or rallying up your company for a successful year, the way you present directly..

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Audience Response Systems: An Invaluable Tool For Engaging Meeting Participants

    Audience response system technology is an invaluable tool for helping to engage participants during presentations for group meetings, electronic..

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3 Tips For Creating A More Engaging Presentation

    Creating an engaging presentation, whether it’s in a team meeting or a training session, is a thought that is always prevalent with presenters...

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Rules of Engagement

       Presenting is quite a difficult art to master.  After finding three great articles with their own unique perspectives on the topic, a quick..

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Keeping YOUR Employees Engaged and On Your Team!

  Most organizations today consider their employees to be their most important company resource. Therefore, companies want to reduce employee..

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Why We Love Audience Response Systems (And You Should Too!)

    Audience response system technology is an invaluable tool for helping to engage participants during presentations for group meetings,..

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Brand YOU: Starting with an Audience Response System

                    Ever feel as if your audience members are just a bunch of bodies warming seats? Chances are you have one time or another. In..

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