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Audience Polling at Conferences: A Guide For Conference Organizers

Rookie mistakes can ruin a great conference - and even seasoned pros occasionally make rookie mistakes. So whether you’re new to organizing..

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Why Audience Polling is the Best Conference Technology for Speakers

In order to make your presentation memorable to attendees, using the right technology is vital. However, there are several options to choose from—..

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Value of Conference Provided iPads For Attendees

Have you ever worried that your conference presentations are forgettable? Or that your retention rates could be better? Luckily, there is a dynamic..

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Top Ten Conference Planning Mistakes to Avoid

While conferences can greatly enhance a team’s morale, provide education and training, and boost company sales, planning a dynamic conference is hard..

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5 Smart Ideas to Boost Attendee Engagement Before The Big Conference

Pre-planning plays a huge role in the overall success of a conference. Pre-conference engagement is more than the standard-issue marketing and social..

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Ten Dynamic Conference Planning Tips

Creating and executing a conference is a powerful way to boost morale, provide further training and education, strengthen a company’s relationship..

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How Renting iPads for Your Team Can Increase a Conference's Retention Value

Technological advancements have provided for an ever-increasing amount of tools and resources available to us, all at our fingertips. We are a..

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The Value of Relationship Building at Conferences

In business, building relationships is a crucial part of being successful. You can’t grow without strengthening the connections between yourself and..

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