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Boost Training Effectiveness with an ARS

Day after day, it becomes more and more difficult to absorb and retain information as we are continually bombarded with advertisements, news..

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Adult Learning

As we move through the day, we are continually bombarded with information from advertisements, news stories, or daily gossip from friends or..

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OptionPower ARS System Helps to Create a Safer Work Environment

Safety training programs play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy organizational environment for employees and customers. This is particularly..

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Increase Training Productivity with Interactive Response Systems

Many of our clients explain that their training programs rely heavily on Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. But one of the challenges..

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Interactive Powerpoint: A Key Resource for Training Managers

According to a June 2009 report by the Conference Board's Corporate Leadership Council, 21 percent of employees are "highly..

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Interactive Training Tools Offer Support for Returning Soldiers

As military service men and women return home from their deployments, they often face a new enemy on the home front — post-combat stress..

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