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The Advantages of iPad Rentals at a Meeting or Event

If you find yourself with the need to interact with your audience and would like to create a memorable and productive experience, then renting an..

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Improve Meeting Outcomes With Digital Learning Games

Business and association leaders rely on meetings to convey important information and train their teams. However, sharing information in a..

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Boosting Meeting Value and ROI with Interactive Response Technology

In the current challenging economic climate, organizations are increasingly requiring that employees and partners spend wisely and justify..

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S.P.E.E.C.H. and the Audience Response System (pt.II)

To elaborate on our previous blog, we would like to share with you how you can utilize an Audience Response System (ARS) in combination with..

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Audience Response Makes It Easy To Achieve Interactive Meetings

Getting participants to contribute ideas and participate in discussions can often be a challenge for meeting leaders. Cultural barriers, insecurity,..

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