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How to To Teach Your Sales Team to Learn More Information Faster and Retain it

More closed deals. Higher-value sales. Faster renewals. These are all things we want from sales reps, right? But how do we get them to do it? The..

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5 Sales Training Games for Your Next Sales Conference

Sales reps forget 90% of what they learn at traditional conferences. Why? Because most seminars use a timeworn combination of paper handouts and..

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How Sales Training Gamification Improves Information Transfer

Games aren’t just fun; they’re powerful learning tools. This is backed up by several studies that have shown continuous training can improve net..

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Game Time! How Games can Increase Sales Team Performance

If your sales team is in a slump, maybe it’s time to try something new. How about playing games? Tech-infused games, engineered for adult learners,..

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Sales Training that Keeps Reps Awake, Engaged and Learning More

If the words “sales training” causes your reps to groan or roll their eyes, perhaps it’s time to reassess your training methods. Even the most..

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How to Plan and Profit from your Annual Sales Meeting

Annual sales meetings are vital to the success and growth of your sales force. It’s a time to come together to show new products, recognize the..

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5 Golden Rules for Information Retention at Corporate Sales Meetings

It’s a Tuesday morning at the beginning of the quarter. You find yourself at the front of the room with the Powerpoint set, clicker in hand. The..

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Increase Sales Meeting ROI with these Adult Learning Techniques

If the word “meeting” conjures up something boring, you haven’t explored the modern array of adult learning options from Option Technologies. From..

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Benefits of Entertainment in Sales Meetings

Having fun has been linked to numerous benefits for both the speaker and audience, yet it is alarmingly neglected in most sales meetings. Your sales..

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