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Teach Your Sales Team to Learn More Information Faster and Retain it

More closed deals. Higher-value sales. Faster renewals. These are all things we want from sales reps, right? But how do we get them to do it?

The answer lies in excellent training. If you want your sales team to take a big leap forward, it’s time to try innovative teaching techniques like the ones used by the world’s top-ranked-training companies: General Motors, MasterCard, Best Buy, and many others.

These companies are using cutting-edge learning methods like gamification, or digital game-based learning, to help their teams learn more information more quickly, and retain it for the long haul.


Little Wins, Big Success

First, let’s look at how game-based training leads to a stronger sales team.

Any sales manager understands that big sales numbers are usually made up of lots of little victories. Sure, everyone would love to land a million-dollar deal, but it’s more likely that your team’s goals are in hundred- or thousand-dollar increments.

That’s why sales training experts recommend measuring training ROI in increments, too. What if, after your next training meeting, each person on your sales team could:

  • Meet with 10 more qualified leads per month
  • Grow their existing clients’ average spend by 5%
  • Convert 3 skeptical prospects into loyal customers
  • Regain one previously-lost $50,000 client

On its own, none of these individual achievements is a big deal for your company. But put together, with each sales rep accomplishing them, it amounts to a huge win.

At that’s where training comes in. Interactive training games are an excellent way to build the kinds of incremental victories described above. Use sales games to introduce new concepts, address misconceptions, role-play best practices, and share data - all in a fun and memorable way.

Certain game formats can teach trivia, like Jeopardy, Family Feud, or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Or they can train for speed and decision-making, like Fastest Finger or Speed Scoring. They can even come in custom formats that address your company’s specific training needs.


Do Games Really Work?

It is, understandably, one of the most common questions about digital learning: Will playing games really help? Your company leaders will want to know if game-playing can bring real ROI. Here are some facts to share.

Information retention: Games help employees retain more information. Instead of forgetting about 90% of what they learn, they retain about 90% more information with digital learning experiences.

Healthy competition: Games not only promote information retention, they promote employee retention. Gaming creates a positive, upbeat atmosphere where people enjoy learning and being productive. And happy employees stick around longer.

Integration with existing strategies: Games don’t have to shake up your entire sales training program - in fact, they can fit right into it. Try a game that launches from a Powerpoint presentation or integrates with mobile devices or iPads.

Real-world application: After a training game, your sales reps can walk out the door with effective new strategies they can use in the real world. Games allow practicing, role-playing, and trial-and-error, so your reps can hit the streets with newfound skills.


Success Stories

Sound too good to be true? Let’s look at some success stories from organizations that have used digital experiences to make learning more effective.

Mark M., a training coordinator for an energy company, used digital response pads and a training game for a large company meeting. It was a big hit, and he immediately made plans to do it again in the future.

“The response pads have been a huge success … We have had so many positive responses to the games and format and I want to expand the system for next year,” he said.

Rob K., the director of planning and community development for a city government, completely won over his audience.

“The feedback we have been receiving has been very, very positive and I would do this again in an instant,” Rob said. “I appreciate how you were able to work us into your schedule on such short notice. I would recommend you to anyone!”

Mark and Rob used Option Technologies to create innovative digital solutions. If your sales team could benefit from this kind of tech-infused learning experience, reach out to Option Technologies for a free estimate or click here to request a web demo.

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Sales meeting planning

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