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Increase Your Presentation Effectiveness With Digital Learning Games



Business and association leaders rely on meetings to convey important information and train their teams. However, sharing information in a memorable way is sometimes a very daunting task.  Using an audience response system for individual and team competition is one way to significantly boost retention of important information.  Audience response technology equips meeting organizers to easily implement Digital Game-Based Learning.

Using games and competition to boost business results, also referred to as Gamification, drives up attentiveness and engagement during any program. Attendees are keen to know if their answers are correct and how they are doing compared to others on the team. This helps improve learning outcomes and increases the number of attendees who are proficient with the learning objectives. Quiz powerpoint games, for example, can be used in conjunction with audience response keypads, also known as clickers, to review new policies, hone sales techniques, or build team relationships.  

Advantages of Games  

  • Creates a positively competitive environment– The chance for team play encourages individuals to strive for their best and use teamwork to achieve more than they could on their own.
  • Stimulates participant focus– Real-time discussion and analysis of learning topics through interactive games strengthens participants’ attentiveness to subject matters.
  • Increases participation– Participants will be more willing to provide honest feedback and overcome the “shyness factor” when using electronic keypads to voice their opinions.
  • Enhances meaning and boosts retention– Active learning provides better focus and awareness which leads to greater memory recall in participants.
  • Provides an engaging experience– Games boost the energy of the room to catch participant’s attention and provide opportunities for peer interaction.
  • Reduces training time– Gamification increases efficiency through the use of instant assessments to determine each individual’s readiness for additional instruction. Instructors have greater control over the presentation material and their learners’ focus which leads to less time needed for training and a higher learning curve.

Each person attending the meeting participates using audience response keypads or their own phone, computer, or tablet. Responses are tracked in real time to game questions posed by presenters. The audience response system software tabulates the data from individuals and teams and immediately displays scoreboards with comparative results.

These powerpoint games are comprised of activities that require learners to collaborate and actively participate in topic discussions. Through active learning, people will have higher recall of information and will retain material for longer periods of time. Not only will employers be more satisfied, but they will also see higher satisfaction rates among employees since they are improving their abilities while having fun with their peers. 

5 Reasons Why Game-Based Learning is Effective

  1. People are highly engaged by games.
  2. Material is more comprehendible when placed into an enjoyable atmosphere.
  3. Social groups are established to encourage productive discussions.
  4. Games provide an opportunity to be creative and innovative, which can lead to new ideas.
  5. It’s fun!

To learn more about use of an audience response system for gamification at your next meeting, click the button below.

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