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Why Audience Polling is the Best Conference Technology for Speakers

In order to make your presentation memorable to attendees, using the right technology is vital. However, there are several options to choose from—..

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Know Your Audience: How Polling is Changing the Conference World

Have you ever given a presentation at a conference or meeting and struggled to grasp the mood or receptivity of the audience? Was it difficult to..

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9 Important Tips For Polling With An Audience Response System

When polling or surveying with an Audience Response System, there are key elements to keep in mind to ensure that all information is admissible..

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Boost Meeting Value and ROI: Use Interactive Response Technology

In the current challenging economic climate, organizations are increasingly requiring that employees and partners spend wisely and justify..

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Better Voting In Public Meetings: Use An Audience Response System

Large audience voting in public meetings can be long, arduous, and cumbersome. There are many differentmethods of voting and each presents..

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Using Real Time Polling to Engage Audiences

The average sustained attention span of a typical adult is 20 minutes long. Audience attention is vital for effective communication, but it is not..

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Measurement and Audience Polling Helps Improve Meeting ROI

The spotlight of public scrutiny has recently focused on the value of meetings, particularly events held by firms receiving government bailout..

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