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5 Presentation Ideas For Great Audience Interaction

Audiences have come to dread the “icebreaker,” which usually involves some sort of embarrassing warm-up activity. But aside from the groans and..

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An Audience Voting System For Every Occasion

Every audience needs a unique approach. A conference for a fiesty bunch of eager salespeople must be handled totally differently from a sensitive..

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Audience Polling at Conferences: A Guide For Conference Organizers

Rookie mistakes can ruin a great conference - and even seasoned pros occasionally make rookie mistakes. So whether you’re new to organizing..

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Read The Mind of Your Audience With This Tool

Can we get a show of hands? How many people are tired of doing guesswork about audience feedback? Traditionally, asking the crowd to raise their..

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How to Get Instant, Real-time Feedback from Your Audience

Every presenter dreads facing a silent audience that’s giving zero feedback. You finish speaking and … crickets. Nothing. Now what? Technology now..

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Boost Market Share and Profits by Motivating and Training Your Sales Force

Market share and profitability rely heavily on the quality of your sales team. If your sales force lacks in knowledge, skills, or habits related to..

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How to better create a National Sales Strategy and Train Your Sales Force

A sales strategy is a high-level plan outlining both your sales goals and exactly how you intend to get there. But if your plan contains blind spots,..

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7 Ways to Streamline Corporate Sales Operations

Sales is a critical area for businesses, so sales operations tend to get a lot of attention. When this attention works well, it results in a..

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How to Recruit, Train, Motivate and Retain Sales Managers

A great sales team is critical for any company that wants to grow, but teams like this don’t happen magically. They’re built from the ground up by..

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