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How to Recruit, Train, Motivate and Retain Sales Managers

A great sales team is critical for any company that wants to grow, but teams like this don’t happen magically. They’re built from the ground up by..

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How to To Teach Your Sales Team to Learn More Information Faster and Retain it

More closed deals. Higher-value sales. Faster renewals. These are all things we want from sales reps, right? But how do we get them to do it? The..

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5 Sales Training Games for Your Next Sales Conference

Sales reps forget 90% of what they learn at traditional conferences. Why? Because most seminars use a timeworn combination of paper handouts and..

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How Sales Training Gamification Improves Information Transfer

Games aren’t just fun; they’re powerful learning tools. This is backed up by several studies that have shown continuous training can improve net..

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Game Time! How Games can Increase Sales Team Performance

If your sales team is in a slump, maybe it’s time to try something new. How about playing games? Tech-infused games, engineered for adult learners,..

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Improving Town Hall Meetings with Real-Time Audience Voting

Local governments and town councils can benefit greatly from audience response systems. Sometimes, people think of audience response systems as a..

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Conference Success: Know What Your Audience is Thinking in Real-Time

The details that go into planning a conference can seem endless. Choosing the right venue, communicating with the venue, contracting with speakers,..

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Audience Response Technology Could Be The Magic Sauce of Conference ROI

This is the story of a conference presenter, Leigh, and how she used audience response technology to recover from her worst professional nightmare:..

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How are Audience Response Systems Commonly Used?

Audience response technology can be used in countless settings. Conference organizers, corporate trainers, virtual work teams--the list goes on and..

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