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An Audience Voting System For Every Occasion

Every audience needs a unique approach. A conference for a fiesty bunch of eager salespeople must be handled totally differently from a sensitive debate between legislators and protesters. That’s why your voting system must match your audience.

Let’s take a closer look at how OptionPower, the robust voting software from Option Technologies, can be adapted to solve a wide variety of audience challenges.


CHALLENGE: Team-Building

SOLUTION: Group Competition Software

If keeping a team together is one of your major challenges, use software that’s tailor-made for audience engagement. A game show format builds instant rapport with the audience. As the presenter plays the role of game show host, the crowd answers questions and builds positive connections.

This option is perfect for companies that place a high priority on team-building and camaraderie: emergency response crews, sales teams, medical offices, teaching groups, law firms, sports teams, and companies with stressful cultures.


CHALLENGE: Difficult Decisions

SOLUTION: Decision Support Software

When the top priority is making a difficult decision, choose decision-focused software. A voting system that supports total fairness and openness provides the kind of collaborative decision-making that attendees that can trust.

As votes are tallied by the software, the audience can see real-time results in charts and graphs. They can ask follow-up questions and come to a resolution together as a group.

Select this option if you’re concerned about preserving fairness, resolving stubborn issues, and preventing loud voices from hijacking the conversation. Common uses include continuous improvement processes, community conflict resolution, reshaping company culture, and strategic planning in organizations that are struggling to move forward.

CHALLENGE: Need for Speed

SOLUTION: Vvoter Module

Sometimes an organization doesn’t have time to wait. Speed is critical. With an add-on module, the presentation can move at digital speed. Using a web browser, participants can chime in from anywhere in the world. Votes are instantly tabulated and displayed, offering the opportunity for immediate feedback.

While any company can use this module, it’s an excellent choice for big companies with far-flung employees who can’t gather in the same room. Even if your organization has international offices, everyone can quickly come together online, share feedback, and move forward - fast.


CHALLENGE: A Democratic Approach

SOLUTION: Delegate Voting Module and Council Voting Module

When accuracy and democracy are the top priorities, a delegate voting module makes everything run smoothly. It supports democratic decision-making and handles many common issues encountered in official voting.

For example, when hand tabulation is part of the rules, the delegate voting software makes it easy to a fast recount by hand. When an official demands an accounting of vote totals, this is available in moments straight from the software. Use this solution for electing officers and board members, empowering union members, voting on controversial policies, and ensuring that a decision was fair and democratic.

Taking this solution one step further, the council voting module is an advanced tool that helps administrators and legislators stay accountable to constituents. Show who voted, how/where they voted, totals by category, and adoption/rejection results. You can also communicate this information quickly to outside groups like the media.


CHALLENGE: Perceptions and Misconceptions

SOLUTION: Employee Survey Module

Do your employees feel angry or apathetic? Are there unresolved issues that company leaders are struggling to pin down? Rely on software that specializes in surveying your employees for honest feedback. It helps you get to the root of issues, so you can take positive steps toward change.

This is an incredibly flexible module that allows total anonymity and confidentiality. It’s ideal for an organization that is facing dramatic industry change, employee resistance to new policies, layoffs, health care plan changes, and other issues that tend to inflame emotions.



Option Technologies is an innovative company that is dedicated to finding the right voting solution for your organization. Connect with us today to learn about the flexibility of OptionPower.

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