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Enhance Your Next Big Meeting: Use An Audience Response System

Large audience voting in public meetings can be long, arduous, and cumbersome. There are many differentmethods of voting and each presents unique..

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Solving the Biggest Problems Associated with Voting In Public Meetings

Voting procedures in public meetings can be long, arduous, and cumbersome, especially when participation is high and manpower is limited. There..

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5 POWERFUL WAYS to Use Your Audience Response System

We are often asked "How can I get the most out of my Audience Response System?" There are many best practice answers to that question, but they all..

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Asynchronous Polling: Taking Audience Response Systems Around the World

Globalization is more than increasing demands of goods and services across boarders; it is creating necessity for increased global cooperation and..

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Using Audience polling systems for Continuing Medical Education

Aspiring physicians spend about four years in medical school and years after in training. For the remainder of their careers, physicians rely..

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OptionFinder "Clickers" Used in Outdoor Live Voting System

Imagine 500 American youths coming together in New York City's Central Park to find ways to improve young people's connection to the..

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