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4 Ways Adding Games to Your Presentation Promotes Audience Engagement

Some people hold the notion that games aren’t professional, but presenting knowledge through the use of interactive games often results in higher..

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5 Presentation Ideas For Great Audience Interaction

Audiences have come to dread the “icebreaker,” which usually involves some sort of embarrassing warm-up activity. But aside from the groans and..

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An Audience Voting System For Every Occasion

Every audience needs a unique approach. A conference for a fiesty bunch of eager salespeople must be handled totally differently from a sensitive..

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Conference Success: Know What Your Audience is Thinking in Real-Time

The details that go into planning a conference can seem endless. Choosing the right venue, communicating with the venue, contracting with speakers,..

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Audience Response Technology Could Be The Magic Sauce of Conference ROI

This is the story of a conference presenter, Leigh, and how she used audience response technology to recover from her worst professional nightmare:..

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How To Know What An Audience Is Thinking

When holding an in-depth conference or meeting, the last thing you want is your audience leaving without retaining much, or worse, any information...

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