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Energize Your PowerPoint Presentation with Live Polling

PowerPoint presentations can be an extremely effective way to deliver your message. They can add powerful visual elements to your data and ideas and help both visually and verbally entertain those watching.

But if your presentation involves slide after slide of dense information, it can become difficult to hold your audience’s attention.

The statistic or the speaker’s voice start to blur together—  and for longer presentations, monotony can breed disengagement.

Benefits of Adding Live Polling to Your PowerPoint

Your viewers can be more than just passive listeners. Get them involved in your slideshow with live voting.


1. Asking questions invites interaction.

Encourage participation as a way to energize your audience and enhance their engagement.

Adapt your slideshow to reflect your audience’s opinions easily and steer your keynote with confidence.

Whether it’s asking your audience to rate their response on a scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” or to choose a single answer to a best practices multiple choice question, having a variety of polling slides will make your presentation more interesting and will prompt questions and discussion.

Here’s an example below of some PowerPoint slides from our voting software, OptionPower®, to give you an idea of how these results could appear live to your audience:

With the right add-in software, polling slides like these could be part of your PowerPoint presentation.

Your audience will see their votes immediately displayed on-screen.  They can see how their personal response fits in with others in the room.  Their opinions can influence the discussion, transforming your one-way presentation into an interactive experience.


2. Audience opinions and reaction influence the direction of your presentation.

Maybe something your audience voted on sparked a new idea.

With a live polling software, your voter’s results are immediately displayed so you can confidently steer the conversation to topics with the highest interest.

Plus, you and add polling slides to your presentation in real time or jump to topics and questions that take your talk in an entirely new direction,  You can alter presentation in real-time without your audience’s knowledge.

Whether it’s rearranging the order of your slides based on their results, or adding a new topics you’ll be ready to react to their input.


3. Live results build trust.

Voters can see their influence right before their eyes, instantly knowing their vote was tabulated and how their response fits into the larger audience results.

If you use the system in anonymous mode, you’ll get honest answers because the audience members know that their response is not linked to their identity.   Anonymous mode is especially important when voter’s privacy is important, such during election processes. With electronic voting your can achieve secure balloting and confidentiality for public meetings as well as association and conferences.

Live polling helps to raise confidence that results have not been manipulated and privacy is protected.

4. Live votes give you new data to use later.

Some live polling software systems store voter data in a structured query language (SQL) database.

This means that researchers can gather data from multiple sessions and export these results for sophisticated analysis later.

As a presenter you can use this supporting data to develop follow-up presentations or to modify slides for the future.

Your Solution: OptionPower

Our OptionPower® Voting Software is an easy-to-use audience response system that gives you the power to engage in your listener’s.

It is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that allows you to present live interactive polls that your crowd can respond to with their phone, personal smart device or our OptionFinder keypad remotes.


Easily Integrates with PowerPoint

All OptionPower® slides automatically match the look and feel of your current PowerPoint design template, so you can keep using the software you know best.

In fact, you have the ability to convert existing slides to interactive slides in only a few simple steps. This short learning curve means you will be up and running quickly without the time and cost associated with extensive software training.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your polling slides in PowerPoint.
  2. Attach a receiver and distribute response devices or provide web links.
  3. Run your PowerPoint presentation.

It’s that simple!

Are you ready to make your PowerPoint presentations interactive? Talk to us about an audience response solution, today.

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