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4 Ways Electronic Voting can Benefit Your Religious Conference

Religious conference attendees gather for more than just shared community and worship: they also come together to solve problems and facilitate growth within their denomination, church, or ministry.

During these meetings, participants have a voice in influencing decisions and are often asked to vote on changes to governing documents as well as elect members of the leadership team.

An electronic voting system can help foster a better decision making process.  Let’s explore a few ways the right technology can enhance the success of your conference:


1. Electronic voting systems are faster and more accurate than other types of balloting.

Voice votes and standing counts are inaccurate.  Roll call votes and paper ballots take time. Manual counting introduces human error and inaccuracy.  

With an electronic voting system, results are confirmed to each individual voter in real time as votes are cast.  They are stored, tabulated, and immediately available. This reduces disputes and the need for lengthy recounts. Audits are available in real time.  

Electronic voting also avoids the inaccuracy of rejected, mismarked, or otherwise “invalid” paper ballots.

Results are available for reporting and display in real-time, so meeting participants can see the group decisions they helped shape.


2.  Electronic voting helps to accelerate complex election processes and voting procedures.  

Voting rules and procedures for religious conference can be elaborate.

For example, some delegates or officers may have weighted or proxy votes, adding layers of complexity to the tallying process.   In other cases, different classes of voters may be eligible to vote on some items but not others.

Election balloting can involve long lists with dozens or hundreds of eligible candidates.  Ballots may require selection of multiple candidates for a delegation or Board. Multiple ballots may be required before all of the open positions are filled with candidates who achieve a plurality of votes or the required quantum.  

These complexities make selecting a system that can handle elaborate voting rules a must.  Not all voting systems have this functionality, but we do. Our software will immediately generate all that’s needed for a second ballot and accurately weigh all votes.


3. A full-service voting system company provides on-site support so you can focus on your religious mission.

As an organizer of your conference, you likely have a long list of things to worry about. Your electronic voting system doesn’t have to be one of them.

When researching the right system, be sure to consider the support you’ll receive. Some companies lack experience or have inferior hardware and software.

Option Technologies is here to provide experienced support with proven technology so your attendees achieve a fast, accurate, and effective voting process.

We will:

  • Document and implement your voting rules
  • Rehearse the voting process and procedures for reporting ballot results with your team
  • Ship, set-up and test the entire polling system
  • Test the transceivers to manage electronic and radio interference
  • Provide clear post-event reports for data analysis and follow-up

Secure the success of your upcoming conference with an accurate, real-time voting system. Learn more about our  equipment rentals for your event.

4. Electronic voting offers security and privacy.

Voice votes and standing counts are not private.  Paper ballots are subject to tampering. An electronic voting system provided a secure, encrypted two way communication system so every delegate can vote privately and still have confidence their ballot was tabulated as cast.  

Privacy assures each voter that they can vote without fear or reprisal or alienating others.

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