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Know Your Audience: How Polling is Changing the Conference World

Have you ever given a presentation at a conference or meeting and struggled to grasp the mood or receptivity of the audience? Was it difficult to tell whether they were intently listening to your talk or simply waiting for you to wrap up?

By utilizing audience response systems that use voting or polling technology, you can gauge the perceptions of your listeners instantly. This technology not only helps you deliver the information your audience needs and offers other benefits as well.

Convenience and Portability

When using groundbreaking polling tech, you can swiftly and easily incorporate voting and polling into your presentation. When most people think of polling tech during a conference, they often think of clickers or keypads issued to the audience for participation. However, this is not the only option—not by far.

With innovative polling tech, attendees can use their own smartphones, tablets, or laptops to interact during a presentation. This seamlessly allows audience engagement in the easiest, hassle-free way possible.

The Ability to Go Beyond

What if the questions you want to ask your audience aren’t straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, or multiple choice options? What if you want to get answers to open ended questions.  Rate alternatives or gather questions from the audience for you or subject matter experts?

With the right polling solution, this is not only possible but extremely easy. Using text input fields, your audience members can be heard, whether they have a quick question or a complex thought or opinion to share. Not only does this help a presenter see what the audience is thinking, this tool also promotes conversation, debate, and above all, audience engagement.

Solutions for Audiences Small and Large

Engagement and conversation are already easy if your presentation is held before a small group of 10 people. But what if you need complex interaction from a room of several hundred people? With the right voting and polling technology, engagement is easy and hassle free, no matter the number of people in attendance.

Due to the convenient portability of using audience member’s own devices paired with polling tech’s dynamic features, you can interact and even spark debate, conversation, and teamwork in a room of 10, 30, or 800 participants.

Real-Time Data

The above benefits of interactive polling can really enhance a presentation and make for a memorable conference or meeting. However, the benefits don’t stop there. One of the most crucial features of this technology is the ability to not only collect data, answers, or thoughts, but the ability to share and display them as well.

Your real-time results will fully integrate into your presentation, allowing for seamless display to add further value to your presentation and provide even more opportunities for audience engagement. This absolutely helps to get a feel for the audience, measure their retention and attentiveness, and adds solid data worth discussing.  

The Option Technologies Solution

For over 30 years, we have assisted conference planners, meeting directors, speakers, and presenters with maximizing the value of their work. The dynamic solutions we provide boost audience engagement, promote adult learning, and aid in a conference’s success and ROI.

If you’re ready to radically enhance your presentations, meetings, and conferences with the best audience response technology on the market, then contact us today and let’s get started!


Audience Response for Conferences

Posted by Mark Fite

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