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Conference Success: Know What Your Audience is Thinking in Real-Time

The details that go into planning a conference can seem endless. Choosing the right venue, communicating with the venue, contracting with speakers,..

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Audience Response Technology Could Be The Magic Sauce of Conference ROI

This is the story of a conference presenter, Leigh, and how she used audience response technology to recover from her worst professional nightmare:..

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How are Audience Response Systems Commonly Used?

Audience response technology can be used in countless settings. Conference organizers, corporate trainers, virtual work teams--the list goes on and..

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The Psychology of Sales Language: Boosting ROI of Sales Reps

Teaching your sales reps how to talk to their clients is a vital part of the training process. The best salespeople have a natural charm about..

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Sales Training that Keeps Reps Awake, Engaged and Learning More

If the words “sales training” causes your reps to groan or roll their eyes, perhaps it’s time to reassess your training methods. Even the most..

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How to Plan and Profit from your Annual Sales Meeting

Annual sales meetings are vital to the success and growth of your sales force. It’s a time to come together to show new products, recognize the..

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Sales Meeting Training: Boost Conversion Rates for Your Sales Reps

A common goal in all sales meetings is to boost conversion rates for your sales representatives. In other words, turn a lead into a purchase a higher..

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Demand and Get Better Results From Your Next Corporate Sales Meeting

Are your corporate sales meetings getting the results they should? Are your attendees engaged, do you see actionable results? Let’s take a look at..

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5 Golden Rules for Information Retention at Corporate Sales Meetings

It’s a Tuesday morning at the beginning of the quarter. You find yourself at the front of the room with the Powerpoint set, clicker in hand. The..

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