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5 Ways An Audience Response System Can Improve Training Programs

Using an audience response system (often referred to as "clickers" or interactive polling systems) can significantly enhance the interactivity and..

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5 Things to Look for in a Real-Time Audience Polling System | Option Technologies

Whether you’re looking for a polling software for your upcoming conference, internal business meeting, town meeting, or client interaction, you want..

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4 Ways Adding Games to Your Presentation Promotes Audience Engagement

Some people hold the notion that games aren’t professional, but presenting knowledge through the use of interactive games often results in higher..

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4 Ways Electronic Voting can Benefit Your Religious Conference

Religious conference attendees gather for more than just shared community and worship: they also come together to solve problems and facilitate..

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Energize Your PowerPoint Presentation with Live Polling

PowerPoint presentations can be an extremely effective way to deliver your message. They can add powerful visual elements to your data and ideas and..

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How Not to Lead Your Audience and Stay Unbiased

Are you sure your audience questions are really free of bias? See, that’s a trick question right there, because it’s phrased in a leading way. Words..

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5 Presentation Ideas For Great Audience Interaction

Audiences have come to dread the “icebreaker,” which usually involves some sort of embarrassing warm-up activity. But aside from the groans and..

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An Audience Voting System For Every Occasion

Every audience needs a unique approach. A conference for a fiesty bunch of eager salespeople must be handled totally differently from a sensitive..

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Audience Polling at Conferences: A Guide For Conference Organizers

Rookie mistakes can ruin a great conference - and even seasoned pros occasionally make rookie mistakes. So whether you’re new to organizing..

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