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How to Get Feedback from Your Audience

            As a presenter your main concern is teaching, training, and coaching. Yet, the majority of speakers get so caught up in trying to impart..

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Why Audience Polling is the Best Conference Technology for Speakers

In order to make your presentation memorable to attendees, using the right technology is vital. However, there are several options to choose from—..

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Value of Conference Provided iPads For Attendees

Have you ever worried that your conference presentations are forgettable? Or that your retention rates could be better? Luckily, there is a dynamic..

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Sales Meeting Best Practices: How To Prepare For Success

Routine sales meetings are a crucial part of ensuring your team stays on the same page and meets its goals. However, if done poorly, your sales..

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6 Proven Strategies to a Successful Sales Meeting

Sales meetings can be challenging. You have to go over goals, share promotional plans, review metrics, touch base with your team, and ensure everyone..

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Effective Presentations; Do's and Don'ts

     Whether you’re training employees, presenting critical research, or rallying up your company for a successful year, the way you present directly..

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Benefits of Entertainment in Sales Meetings

            Having fun has been linked to numerous benefits for both the speaker and audience, yet it is alarmingly neglected in most sales meetings...

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Advantages of Gamification in Your Presentation (Infographic)

Digital learning games are comprised of interactive questions and answers so that learners can collaborate and actively participate in topic..

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The Best 6 Apps for Presentations

Presentations      There are many elements that go into constructing a successful presentation. One of the most important of those being the tools..

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