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iPads: The Dynamic Conference Tool

If you’re thinking about using an iPad at your next event then explore this infographic to learn the different uses of the tool. One of our favorite..

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Why Use Electronic Voting? (Infographic)

Voting is an important process so when deciding on an elective system, make sure both the technology and the vendors are reliable. Electronic voting..

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5 Ways to Utilize Electronic Polling in Your Presentation

             As far as presentation tools go, polling is the best resource for speakers to connect to their audience. Not only do you want to..

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5 Advantages of Using Interactivity in Meetings (Infographic)

     While meetings play a key role in any organization, they can become a dreaded task for many attendees. Most meetings are monotonous and drain..

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How to Get Feedback from Your Audience

            As a presenter your main concern is teaching, training, and coaching. Yet, the majority of speakers get so caught up in trying to impart..

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Why Audience Polling is the Best Conference Technology for Speakers

In order to make your presentation memorable to attendees, using the right technology is vital. However, there are several options to choose from—..

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Value of Conference Provided iPads For Attendees

Have you ever worried that your conference presentations are forgettable? Or that your retention rates could be better? Luckily, there is a dynamic..

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Sales Meeting Best Practices: How To Prepare For Success

Routine sales meetings are a crucial part of ensuring your team stays on the same page and meets its goals. However, if done poorly, your sales..

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6 Proven Strategies to a Successful Sales Meeting

Sales meetings can be challenging. You have to go over goals, share promotional plans, review metrics, touch base with your team, and ensure everyone..

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