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Solving the Biggest Problems Associated with Voting In Public Meetings

Voting procedures in public meetings can be long, arduous, and cumbersome, especially when participation is high and manpower is limited. There..

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Electronic Voting Improves Open Town Meetings

Traditional voting procedures during an open town meeting can be problematic and painfully time-consuming. With advances in technology, many towns..

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Electronic Voting Speeds Multi-Candiate, Multi-Ballot Elections

Paper or manually counted ballots to elect multiple persons to a position or board can be cumbersome and time consuming. This is particularly true..

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Town of Westborough Adopts Electronic Voting

Westborough Switches to E-Voting Last week, the Town of Westborough, Massachusetts, made the decision to permanently authorize the use of..

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Electronic Voting for Representative Town Meetings

Open vs. Representative Town Meetings A representative town meeting is a municipal legislature where members are elected by the townspeople to..

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Electronic Voting for Open Town Meetings

Privacy in Open Town Meetings Traditional open town meeting voting can be problematic and painfully time-consuming. With advances in voting..

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Electronic Voting Helps Power Community-Building in Framingham

For the second consecutive year, the Town of Framingham, Massachusetts has stepped into the future of voting processes for representative town..

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OptionPower's Weighted Voting Capability Provides Breakthrough

At the 81st Annual Toastmasters International Convention in Orlando, Florida on August 15-18, 2012, Option Technologies Interactive (OTI) saved..

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High Praise on Delegate Voting

Option Technologies Interactive recently received high praise from the Sinsinawa Dominicans, a faith-based Community of Sisters. At their..

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