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What Is My Support After The Sale?


Founded in 1985, Option Technologies is a market leader in the electronic meeting support industry, serving more than 2000 clients who utilize our audience response systems. These partners range in size from Fortune 100 corporations to one-person consulting firms.

We’ve energized thousands of meetings and events from 10 participants to 10,000 and have proven our ability to meet the demands of Fortune 100 companies.  We thrive on bringing interactivity to large and complex events that others can’t handle.  We have seasoned professionals and audience response equipment near you and send consultants to help run the meeting.  We won’t disappear after the sale; we offer stable and consistent support with training prior to the event whether you're conducting extensive audience polling or utilizing powerpoint games for training.

OTI offers nine types of training and professional services.  Some include:


This program helps you learn the most frequently used features of the software, how to build and run OptionPower and Virtual Participant exercises, and navigate the basic graphs.  It also provides information on equipment setup and troubleshooting, use of design templates, backup and restoration of data, report generation and simple consolidation of repeated meetings.


Web-based training is typically conducted in 60 or 90 minute sessions. The training combines a telephone conference call with a web screen sharing tool and the instructor demonstrates software skills on their host PC using the actual application software. In some cases, the instructor is also able to share remote control of the learner’s desktop to coach and observe performance.


Option Technologies offers coaching services where we work with your staff (both systems operator and facilitator) as they develop their skills in using the OptionPower® interactive response system to generate interactivity in a live meeting through audience polling or PowerPoint games. This coaching is designed to help users adjust their styles to incorporate the dynamic that the response system adds to the meeting process.  Coaching is available for both software licensed holders and rental customers.


Option Technologies is able to provide a skilled system operator to support your meeting and ensure success.  Depending on your requirements, we can provide a range of operator skill levels.  We can develop simple operational skills of the system for a basic audience response session in which all of the questions are known and submitted in advance of the meeting.  We can also handle the more complex sessions at which last-minute design and input into the Option Technologies systems may be required.  This is also available for softwarelicense holders and rental customers.  


For special meetings, you may want an Option Technologies facilitator to design and run the meeting for you to keep the execution seamless and efficient.   The Option Technologies facilitator will assume responsibility for working with you to design the meeting and conduct interactive excercises to achieve your desired outcome.  We can provide a consultant or partner-level facilitator for your peace of mind.


To take full advantage of the Option Technologies system and to achieve your meeting objectives, we offer a pre-meeting design consultation service.  In these consultations, our consultants work with your sponsors and process designer to define the outcomes of your meeting and set up a reliable meeting design.

Technical support and software updates are provided to all customers during their first year of ownership of their OptionPower or OptionFinder audience response system free of charge. These plans include free software updates and a variety of other benefits.  The Option Techonogies Software Maintenance Program includes  software upgrades, technical support and troubleshooting via telephone assistance, technical support via e-mail, a certificate for one free 60 minute web-based training workshop and open enrollment in our web-training exercises multiple times per month to learn more about your interactive software and audience response equipment.   Following that year, economical support plans are available for interactive system owners who wish to protect their investment.

Posted by Gia Domenico

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