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OTI Announces Two New Software Updates

In our on-going commitment to keep you on the leading edge of audience response systems, we have just completed two software releases:  Option Power® 3.2 for Microsoft Office ® 2007 Service Release 2, and OptionPower® 3.2 for Microsoft Office® 2010. 

If you can use MS PowerPoint®, then you can use OptionPower® software to increase your audience participation and recall.   “Because of our newest update, you can use the MS PowerPoint® menu to drive your interactive presentation in all the most recent versions of Microsoft Windows or Office; XP, Vista, 2003, 2007 and 2010. “ said Mark Fite, President of Option Technologies Interactive.  “It is incredibly reliable, fast and secure as it manipulates your audience response data in our back-end SQL database storage.  It is easy to learn, and provides powerful and compelling information…immediately,” Fite continued. 

OptionPower® for Office® 2010 is a fully-integrated add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint® that allows users to quickly turn slideshows into dynamic, interactive presentations.  This increases the audience interactivity because their input is recognized, immediately! 

Key capabilities of this newest update include:  a Comparative Data Function, Hardware Wizard, support for various keypad hardware platforms, and their updates to several popular OptionPower® add-in modules.  Modules include: Council Voting, Decision Support, and a Group Competition Module, which is used for group training and meeting games. 

With this release, all of the functionality of OptionPower® is now available to users of Microsoft PowerPoint® 2010.

This software is available for both new and existing clients that have an OTI maintenance program.  It is available by download or on CD.

For more information, call Judy Diaz at 407‐872‐3333, Ext. 3018.

Posted by Jackie Barton

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