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OTI Releases New Tool for Electronic Voting By Representatives

  Council Voting System - OptionPower Audience Response System














Today we are officially announcing the release of the Council Voting Module (CVM),  an add-on module for our flagship OptionPower® interactive audience response software product.

The Module helps representative groups and legislative bodies gather, tabulate, and publicly display votes from individual representatives. 

A powerful vote display capability is at the heart of the CVM. Users create and display PowerPoint slides that show the name of the voting representative and how they cast their vote on a particular motion or ballot initiative. The display is highly flexible and shows the names of up to 45 voters at one time. Additional display panels provide for the public display of votes from hundreds or thousands of individual delegates.

The most common use of the CVM is to show Yes, No and Abstain results cast by representatives during a meeting. The Module includes a number of flexible controls for users to display who has voted, vote totals and whether a particular motion or ballot initiative has passed or failed.

The CVM uses the OptionPower® roster tool which creates, imports, and exports lists of voting representatives or delegates. The system supports the display of individual names, districts, precincts, or other variables on screen.

A special Results Indicator allows users to select from a variety of pre-configured voting thresholds including 50% majority, two thirds majority, and three quarters majority of votes cast. The user interface also supports custom threshold formulas.

The Council Voting Module will help legislatures, city councils, school boards and association boards tabulate and display voting results quickly and easily. The Module works with a variety of OptionFinder® wireless audience response keypad hardware  platforms.

Posted by Mark Fite

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