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Employee Town Hall Meetings are Better with a Response System

OptionFinder keypad in townhall meeting


We were able to help provide a solution, and wireless keypads for individual voting.  We provided each employee at a town hall meeting with a dedicated OptionFinder G3 keypad, and they were able to respond anonymously to comments and questions presented by their corporate leaders.  The answers were fed directly into a secure receiver, and the results of the vote were displayed immediately in a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation using our OptionPower add-in software.  Everyone could see the results immediately. This allowed them more time for discussion and debate.

This was a win-win for both the corporation and the employees.

  1.  The corporate leaders got real-time audience feedback.  By allowing their employees to offer direct and immediate feedback, the presenters can gain knowledge of what the audience is thinking, what level of knowledge they have on a subject, what questions they have that have not yet been addressed, and sharing audience feedback with the listeners in order to raise awareness of more ideas. The tabulations are fast, and unbiased, allowing for more discussion time of important topics.
  2.  The employees feel more involved, and more in control, when they have the opportunity to participate and know that their opinions have been recognized.  The audience feels they are being heard, and their opinions make a difference.   For people who don’t like to talk in front of others, this gives them an easy way to express their opinions.
  3. OptionFinder Wireless Keypads, which were signed out by the meeting participants when they arrived, made it easy for them to participate.  Each participant only received one vote.  The responses were anonymous.  When they were done, they returned the keypads to table as they left.

The data received from the audience participation, could be viewed immediately, or stored for later analysis, or more investigation.  

When finished, our activist said, “Electronic voting may be the single most powerful tool that we could inject into the fix for our employee town hall meetings and, I suspect, the town hall meetings of other corporations who face the same challenges that we do.”


Posted by Mark Fite

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