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A Comparison of Audience Response System Rental Alternatives

Audience Response System Rentals

OTI specializes in creating full-featured and reliable audience response products that allow you to instantly see results and improve the outcomes at your meeting or event.  If you aren’t ready to purchase a system, you can conveniently rent one from us.

The three options OTI offers for audience response system rentals are Turnkey, Self-Service and Equipment Only.  Which one is a better fit for your needs?  Here is some useful information to help sort it out.

Turnkey audience response events give you all of the benefits of interactive PowerPoint presentations without all of the responsibilities; Self-Service events are more of a do-it-yourself (DIY) type of approach; Equipment-Only rentals are for those who already own an audience response system and are looking to rent additional keypads and base stations.  OTI will be more than happy to work with you to design a customized rental solution for your event.  Let’s take a deeper look at each of these rental options.

Turnkey Audience Response Events

The Turnkey Rental solution is optimal for meetings that have complex requirements, lack of experienced or available staff and involve large audiences (usually 400 or more) or events with strategic importance.  A Turnkey rental approach is usually best for highly produced meetings where the attendees or sponsors having invested significantly in travel, audio visual production and entertainment and interactive results are a critical part of the meeting design. 

A great example of a Turnkey event is the ‘Listening to the City’ meeting which focused on the restoration of the World Trade Center site and was one of the largest facilitated meetings ever held (Click Here to read the blog article about this meeting).  

For Turnkey rentals, one (or more) of our interactive meeting consulting professionals will work with you before and during your event in order to identify and achieve the desired interactive outcomes from your meeting. 

OTI professionals have extensive experience in adding interactivity polling exercises to a wide variety of meetings.  They coordinate all interactive elements at your event.  This includes helping with the interactive format (which polling exercises are most appropriate), question design (creation of and coaching presenters on interactive questions), logistics (shipping/ receiving and quality control), on-site management (coordination of keypad distribution, quality checks, system monitoring and addressing of technical questions), participant roster management (assigning specific wireless keypads to each participant in order to track scoring and grading certifications, if required), and report generation (individual and group summary reports to report all polling results). 

Self-Service Audience Response Events

The Self-Serve audience response rental option is a great choice when you have a smaller, more informal event with simple polling requirements and your own available technical staff.  With this option, you prepare your own polling presentations using OptionPower software (an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint).  You, or your staff members, set up the base station, test the wireless keypads and manage the interactive aspects of the event. 

With the Self Service rental solution, Option Technologies will provide you with the necessary tools.  This includes wireless keypads for each participant, a temporary OptionPower software license and the receiver (base station) to accumulate responses and votes from each wireless keypad.  If needed, OTI can consult with you and your company on an hourly basis to program your polling excerises and coach you to achieve success. 

An example of a Self-Service solution plays out as follows: Sally calls OTI and explains that she is interested in our technology.  She is planning a meeting that will include 65 attendees.  An OTI team member describes ways that she can apply the interactive system to increase the effectiveness of her meeting and sends her a proposal. Sally confirms that she has a PC and Microsoft PowerPoint.  After accepting the proposal, Sally receives an e-mail with a link to download the latest OptionPower software, which will fully integrate polling capabilities into her PowerPoint presentation. 

Sally decides that she would like to get some training and advice on how she can use the software more efficiently, so OTI connects her with one of our personalized coaches to train and help her better understand and develop her presentation.  Back at OTI’s facility, we prepare her equipment order and send it out to arrive five business days before the event so that Sally and her team have a chance to test and rehearse everything ahead of time. 

Sally's event runs smoothly and she is ecstatic about the results!  Sally compiles a master report containing all of her polling results in Microsoft Excel using the OptionPower report utility.  She packs up OTI’s equipment and ships it back to our facility.  

For clients who do not want to go through the hassle of installing the OptionPower software or who have corporate policies which preclude the installation of outside software applications on company computers, OTI offers a computer rental option.  Clients receive a computer with OptionPower already loaded that is ready to go straight out of the box! 

Equipment-Only Rental

Equipment-Only rentals are designed for those clients who already own an OTI audience response system and are looking to rent additional keypads in order to accomodate a larger audience than their current hardware will support.  For example, Bill's company has the OptionPower 4.0 software and 50 OptionFinder G3 Wireless Keypads. Bill needs to provide interactive support for a meeting of 175 people.  So, he needs to rent 125 more keypads.  OTI will send Bill a proposal and once it is accepted, will test and ship the extra 125 G3 wireless keypads to arrive five business days before his event.  After the meeting, Bill ships the keypads back to OTI using the enclosed return labels.  It’s as easy and simple as that!

Why OTI Is Different

Option Technologies Interactive was the first company to implement do-it-yourself rental solutions in 2002 with the introduction of our easy-to-use OptionPower software solution.  OptionPower is an add-in for Microsoft Powerpoint that is feature rich and can handle a wide variety of interactive applications.  OTI also offers one of the world's largest keypad rental fleets with near 10,000 keypads.  We support a variety of hardware platforms and are even able to support rental projects for clients with keypad hardware that is no longer in production.

OTI provides the services necessary to make your interactive meeting practically stress free.  Not only is the data you are collecting instantly tabulated and displayed, but you receive a comprehensive analysis after the event.  OTI has extensive experience from energizing thousands of meetings and the presentation preparation is quick and easy since our OptionPower software is fully-integrated into your PowerPoint slides. 

Option Technologies Interactive is your solutions partner and strives to exceed all of your interactive audience response system expecatations!  Call us at 407-872-3333 for a proposal.

Posted by Megan Hale

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