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Enhance CME Training With Audience Response Technology



Each day, it becomes increasingly difficult to absorb and retain information as we are continually bombarded with advertisements, news stories, or daily gossip. This can make a trainer’s job very difficult.

However, one of the most effective ways for a trainer to overcome this obstacle and allow he/she to engage participants and boost retention is through the use of audience response technology. Audience response systems boost the effectiveness of training programs by allowing presenters to target the specific tools and topics that participants need while validating their understanding of the materials. They can also be used as effective corporate training tools.

In addition, an audience response system can be used as a tool to connect with audiences and measure learning for CME presentations. The system will help you easily communicate information to your audience, measure their retention of new knowledge, and foster discussion. You will be able to simultaneously elevate the attentiveness of the audience and help amplify your CME presentation. The following is a list of POWERFUL WAYS that an audience response system can improve CME training:

Relaying Key Information to your Audience

By using an audience response system, you are able to implement the use of wireless keypads to relay key information to your audience in an interactive way. The ability to assess and determine pre-test knowledge, active subject matter comprehension, and post-test retention is accomplished by utilizing a simple instantaneous polling process during the presentation through PowerPoint. One of the unique benefits of this software is that you can easily convert a pre-existing PowerPoint slide into a polling slide. With this ability, the key information in your presentation will stand out for better understanding and retention.

Group Discussion

Audience response systems allow you to easily foster discussion among audience members by simply asking questions through your PowerPoint presentation. For example, you could provide sample responses on screen that will allow the audience members to vote on the answer they believe to be correct. With this, you have the ability to instantaneously provide question results through the system on screen letting audience members know how their responses measure up to other participants.

Attentiveness of the Audience

With the ability to add polls, survey questions, ranking exercises, and discussion questions to your PowerPoint presentations, you can easily transform a standard presentation into an interactive experience. This method has been proven to increase both the attentiveness of the audience as well as their ability to retain the information presented.

In addition, most audience response systems possess the following qualities:

Quick Preparation

  • Minimal learning curve…fully integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Easy to create presentations with minimal effort.
  • Works with your existing content slides.

Easy Usage

  • Presentations run normally without extra steps for you or the audience. Significantly reduces your workload for administering training exercises, assessment activities, and feedback surveys.
  • Keypads are simple for participants to use.

Efficient Analysis

  • Data is stored in a database you can easily export to Excel or Access for analysis.
  • Multiple meetings or sessions can be quickly evaluated and compared to baselines or norms.

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