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Clickers Plus Interactive PowerPoint Games Equals Improved Learning

Games by Option Technologies


Research consistently shows that participants in training programs learn and retain more information when actively engaged or having fun. Option Technologies Interactive's (OTI) PowerPoint based game shows provide a fun experience that  involves all audience members.   They are better able to mentally connect with a topic and, as a result, learning improves.

OTI game shows allow teams of people to compete by answering questions. You can add your own customized gaming experience to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or use one of the pre-made quiz show templates.  Formats are similar to popular tv games like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, or Jeopardy.

Questions, associated graphics or multimedia, and possible answers are projected and participants make their choices via a wireless keypad. Individual or team answers are tabulated and instantly displayed on the screen.

Questions are typically true/false or multiple choice, with no more than four or five answer options. The PowerPoint game templates provide points for a correct answer and typically increase with each round of questions.  Team scoring is based on percentages allowing for different team sizes. For example, if 70 percent of the team members correctly answer a question worth 100 points, the team gets 70 points.

The use of a response system also stimulates discussion.  Dr. Ernst Wit, a professor at the University of Scotland, describes this process; "When everyone has made a choice and voted for a particular answer, the psychological investment in that answer turns the student from a passive attendee into an active participant for whom the outcome has some emotional value. A strategy we often pursued for difficult questions in which the correct answer was not clearly selected was to show the students the distribution of given answers and asked them to discuss with their neighbors if they would like to reconsider their own answer."

Clients tell us that interactive PowerPoint games improve attentiveness, improve discussion, and enhance learning outcomes in adult learning enviroments.  To learn more about how you can boost learning results and ROI by adding game shows to your programs, click here or give us a call 407-872-3333. 

Posted by Mark Fite

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