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Interactive Partnerships with Option Technologies Clients

Client Partnerships with Option Technologies 






I consistently receive positive feedback from our clients about their relationship with our company and the partnerships we have established with them to help improve their business.  That's why we are here.  I encourage more of our clients to bring us their toughest challenges and engage us as a trusted partner.  We are often able to provide customized solutions or enhancements to our technology that provide breakthrough results.

Recently, one customer shared, "We're continually asking them to do things that are outside of the confines of the OptionPower® system. And they've been great about modifying and adapting game templates and software capabilities to our wants."

That is a great example of a client asking us to "stretch".  This customer was also grateful for OTI's behind-the-scenes help at their live game show events. "They know the system so well that if we need to change something on the fly at an event, they can do that. And we're usually so busy facilitating the event itself that we love to have them there taking care of the technological aspects."

The company's relationship with OTI is a two-way street. Not only does this customer push OTI to come up with innovative solutions for their presentation ideas, but the company provides valuable participant feedback that helps OTI improve its interactive response systems. OTI has been able to solve problems and then repurpose those solutions for other organizations.

Contact us today to see how we can partner more broadly with your company or organization to improve your decision making processes, improve training programs or enhance the effectiveness or your meetings.   

I invite you to learn more about how we have helped other customers with their toughest challenges for employee engagement and team building.  Our company takes pride in our dependability, personalized customer service, and powerful audience response systems. 

Visit our web site, call us at 406-872-3333, or drop me an email at mfite@optiontechnologies.com 

Posted by Mark Fite

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