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ROI Conference Sponsored by Option Technologies Interactive

Jack Phillips, ROI Institute






Option Technologies is proud to host a special Return- On-Investment Certification (ROI) event for the Conference, Meetings, and Technology Industries.  The ROI Institute™ will present a five-day certification program for meeting, conferences, events, and IT professionals who are serious about measuring the success of their programs and projects.  This will show them not only how to evaluate a technological initiative at the ROI level, but implement and use the ROI Methodology™ routinely to show proof of the value of their projects.  In today’s climate, this is a “must” skill set for technology professionals.  This special certification program will he held May 16-20, 2011 in Orlando, FL.

Jackie Phillips, Chairman of the ROI Institute explains, “We are very pleased to partner with Option Technologies for this special certification.  This will provide a unique opportunity, for those involved in this industry, to work with colleagues to measure the success of particular technology programs.  When the individuals complete an ROI study, they achieve the designation of Certified ROI Profession al (CRP).”

Anyone who needs the skills to measure the impact of learning and performance improvement program, as well as meetings, conferences and events for various stakeholders would benefit by attending this ROI Conference.  You will learn during the workshop:

  1.  How to apply the ROI Methodology to a program or meeting in your own organization.
  2. Get detailed, first-hand experience with every step
  3. Learn how to calculate ROI
  4. Learn how to measure the contribution of training and performance improvement programs
  5. Learn how to enhance program results and improve ROI
  6. Discover how to translate both tangible and intangible benefits into monetary values. 

This will be a limited participation event.  For more information on the ROI certification, go to http://www.roiinstitute.net

We will be utilizing Option Technologies Interactive’s audience response system during the event to show you how this tool is applied for ROI measurement.

Visit  www.OptionTechnologies.com, or call 406-872-3333. 

Posted by Jackie Barton

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