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SALT Conference uses Option Technologies Keypads for Panel Discussion

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We just had a wonderful experience at the New Learning Technologies Conference sponsored by the Society of Learning Technology (SALT) here in Orlando, Florida at the Royal Caribe Hotel.   There were participants on hand from all over the world and a variety of diverse organizations. 

Corporations, educational institutions, government and the military were all represented.  It was an experienced group with more than half the attendees working with learning technology for more than ten years.

We were able to showcase our interactive audience response systems at one of the plenary panel discussions.  Dr. Jim Guilkey from S4 NetQuest was the facilitator for a group of about 125 professionals and 3 panel members.  Jim lead the group in developing a list of the challenges they are currently facing as educational management professionals in implementing new learning technology.  

After the initial list was presented in PowerPoint, we polled the audience of about 125 people to rank what they felt were the biggest challenges they were facing in their organizations.    

The top challeges reported by attendees in implmenting new learning technology, in priority order, were:

  1. How do you select the right new learning technology?
  2. Budget – Financial resources
  3. Stakeholders who don’t buy in to learning technology
  4. Technical expertise for implementation
  5. Instructional design for a new generation
  6. IT and security constraints
  7. Legacy infrastructure (low bandwidth, old equipment)

The panel contributed ideas, then the audience was provide input and real work experience to help their peers.  The session lasted 90 minutes, but the best practice information shared by participants was priceless! 

Be sure and visit us in our booth at the upcoming American Society of Training and Development Annual Conference in Orlando on May 23.

Learn more about our personalized customer service and powerful audience response systems at www.OptionTechnologies.com, or call us at 406-872-3333. 

Posted by Mark Fite

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