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Interactive PowerPoint® Presentations are easy with OptionPower®

Option Technologies Interactive (OTI) has been a pioneer in creating audience response systems that use Microsoft PowerPoint® to solicit audience response and immediately display tabulated results on-screen. Time flies. It is hard to believe that we launched our first PowerPoint® related polling software way back in 1996. In the intervening years, OTI has consistently introduced new PowerPoint® based software tools with new breakthrough capabilities.

We have been on the front lines of efforts creating more dynamic and effective presentations that avoid what Angela Garber aptly dubbed “Death by PowerPoint®”. Our OptionPower® solutions have introduced important new features for group decision making, adult learning, market research, delegate voting, ROI measurement and multi-site collaboration. We now offer specific versions of OptionPower® that seamlessly integrate with MS PowerPoint 2003®, PowerPoint 2007®, and, soon, PowerPoint 2010®. No other PowerPoint® related audience response software is easier to use or more capable.

With 25 years of ongoing research and development, we have developed tools that make it easy for clients to build questions into their MS PowerPoint® presentations in seconds. After loading OptionPower® software, presenters see an icon on the tool bar of MS PowerPoint®. After clicking the icon, the presenter develops creates their presentation, inserting interactive polling slides as needed. When the audience is queried, they respond with wireless keypads. The tabulated results are immediately displayed on the slide using regular PowerPoint® chart objects. Records are stored in a fully relational SQL database for later analysis and reporting. Our unique database approach provides superior processing speed and scalability. The system generates formatted reports in Microsoft Excel®. Results from multiple sessions can be quickly evaluated and compared to baselines or norms.

Clients find that knowing MS PowerPoint® allows for a minimal learning curve with OTI’s OptionPower® software. If you know PowerPoint® it is easy to create new presentations with polling slides in less than an hour. Presentations run normally without extra steps for the presenter or the audience. This significantly reduces workload for the administering interactive training exercises, assessment activities and surveys.

Using OptionPower® with MS PowerPoint® improves the outcomes from events like; corporate training, continuing education, safety and compliance training, team building programs, sales meetings, and employee surveys. Meeting attendees are active participants. Research shows that when attendees are engaged in this way, they retain more of what is presented and recall it a longer period of time.

One of our most popular applications for adult learning is the Group Competition Module® we have created for OptionPower®. Presenters can increase interactivity and attentiveness by incorporating assessment questions into a game similar to “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire®.” The audience can be divided into groups, and respond with their wireless keypads. The presenter can display a scoreboard, timer, or background music for fun and entertainment while teaching and assessing. With our OptionPower® software, you can downlink up to 32 locations. In multi-site situations, cities or locations may compete against one another, and the results are displayed in MS PowerPoint®.

Explore this great technology for PowerPoint® and the many ways you can use it to engage your audience and bring improve outcomes to your presentations. See www.OptionTechnologies.com or call 407-872-3333 for more information.

Posted by Mark Fite

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