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Advantages of Gamification in Your Presentation (Infographic)

Digital learning games are comprised of interactive questions and answers so that learners can collaborate and actively participate in topic..

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10 Tips for Creating Interactive Presentations (Infographic)

Congratulations! You have aquired all of the hardware and software you need to have an engaging and interactive presentation. You are one step closer..

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Benefits of Using Interactive Games at Your Sales Meeting (Infographic)

When it comes to your organization's training and development, you will want to find a way to make your sales meeting fun and exciting, while equally..

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Voting Alternatives for City Council Meetings

If you find it difficult and time consuming getting through city council voting sessions or representative town meetings, then you might be putting..

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Using SMART Goals to Make Your Meeting More Productive

While the world is in constant progression and change, there is no longer the idea of “the right way” to conduct a meeting. However, there are ways..

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The Advantages of iPad Rentals at a Meeting or Event

If you find yourself with the need to interact with your audience and would like to create a memorable and productive experience, then renting an..

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