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Foster Discussion with an OptionPower ARS System

Comparing how sub-groups are responding is a great way to improve attentiveness, uncover meaningful differences in thinking and foster discussion. Here’s a simple example of the OptionPower Cross-tab function. Use this tool to uncover how sub-groups are thinking alike or thinking differently about important topics or case studies.

1. First, create a polling question to gather sub-group data.

In this example, we have used OptionPower to create a bar chart in a PowerPoint slide. Using this slide, we ask a demographic question about the role of each participant. We will use it to capture information about three sub-groups.

2. Next, modify the slide to identify it as a “Cross-tab” slide type.

In PowerPoint edit mode, right-click the slide. Change the OptionPower slide properties menu function to identify this slide as Slide Type: Cross-tab.

3. Finally, author additional questions, poll your presentation participants and display how the various sub-groups responded.

In this example, we polled the presentation participants about proper drug dosage for a specific patient in a case study. After we gathered responses, we used the Control G hot key command combined with the R key to rotate the on-screen display showing the different results for Physicians, PA’s and Nurses.

The OptionPower Cross-tab function is simple and very effective. Your attendees will pay closer attention and participate more actively in discussions.

SEE A VIDEO EXAMPLE! To view a short video of the OptionPower sub-group Cross-tab function click here.

Posted by Mark Fite

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